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Weekly Workshops

The Programme begins with Foundation Stage delivered as weekly workshops.

The first of the weekly workshops involves setting personal health and wellness goals. 'Before' photographs, weight and body measurements are taken to allow progress towards these goals to be measured throughout the programme.


Each of the following weekly workshops involves progress monitoring, personal health development, womens' health discussion, healthy lifestyle advice, weekly meal and exercise planning.

There is no obligatory 'weekly weigh-in' - in fact use of the scales as the sole progress measurement tool is discouraged. Other measurement indicators are used to track progress against your personal goals and you choose when to measure your progress throughout the Programme.


It really is time to move away from allowing the number on the scales to determine whether we've had a 'good or bad week'!

Also, you can choose to have your progress recorded by myself, a friend or you can just record your own statistics confidentially - it really is your choice!

This is also where the Empower Programme is unique and is a refreshing change from the standard 'slimming club' format.


The aim of the Empower Programme is to encourage women of all ages, shapes and sizes to make positive lifestyle choices to improve their overall wellbeing and enjoy a life full of vitality, health and happiness.

Remember - you are so much more than just the number shown on the scales!

You can't cross the sea, merely by standing staring at the water

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